How To Get Value From Announced But Yet-To-Be-Launched Fork Projects


At, we track many projects that have been announced but have yet to deliver live, operational networks. We await the actions of the project to follow through on their promise and credit coins accordingly.

It is expected that each project will launch some sort of wallet or node software that allows you to obtain your coins from your private keys. However, we do not recommend using this software since it is almost certainly not developed under a high degree of scrutiny for security. However, if you wish to push your key security risk for the privilege of accessing this value early, this option is available to you. Our recommendation is to wait for open-source, minimal, neutral tools such as bitcoin_fork_claimer supports it in order to make sure you are not putting your keys into a honeypot to steal your coins.

We recommend that you keep your keys private always and for all time even if the keys have redeemed all current value you are able to redeem. This includes never giving up your private keys to any 3rd party. Doing so could forfeit your ownership of future airdrops or forms of value yet to be invented.


You must pay attention to the fork or snapshot block of the future project. It may be worthwhile to strategies the timing for when you move your BTC off of your keys in order to make the future expected task of claiming easier.

Many projects choose blocks that are several weeks or months in the past since it takes them time to develop their software. Be aware of this when strategizing. There is also nothing stopping an upcoming project from crediting to a block far into the past for some imaginable reason (perhaps at a time when they, themselves had more coins, so they will get more of this new coin).