Using Forkdrop Suite's Address Conversion Utility


Forkdrop Suite is a set of tools to help you with the task of claiming fork coins. One tool is an address converter - - that lets you do this computation offline on your own system without having to make a web query.

This replicates the functionality of the of bitcoin_fork_claimer. However, is implemented differently in Python3 instead of Python2. It may be worthwhile to run both to be sure the implementations are identical because there is never a 'no bugs' guarantee in any software and getting the wrong address could make coins irrecoverable.

Notable Omission

As of right now, this tool doesn't yet support Bitcoin's Bech32 format and Bitcoin Cash (BCH)'s CashAddr format. If you are using an external tool, take care to use Tor Browser to not reveal yourself in association with that address. Also, use more than one independent tool to make sure you are not being deceived into sending coins to someone else's address they have injected.

This tool will hopefully have this support in the future. Patches are welcome at our GitHub page.

Converting Addresses

The usage of the script can be obtained by giving it the -h flag to request the help output:

convert address help

Pressing Enter displays it:

convert address help output

As you can see, the usages is straightforward, all you must do is provide on or more Bitcoin addresses separated by spaces. To invoke with the address 1MrpoVBweTnwPTase83S13LSZZ2Ga4Amk7, you can give it as a parameter like so:

convert address give address

Running it will output the equivalent public address corresponding to the same WIF private key for each of the coins we are aware of where the address form is known:

convert address output

This also works for P2SH and P2WPKH addresses that start with a 3