How Do I Claim and Sell Altcoin Forks?

Recommendation for Altcoin Forks

We cannot make a good recommendation to cover claiming altcoin forks in a safe way. There is no tool yet available that is equivalent to bitcoin_fork_claimer, but covers altcoins. To make a good recommendation we would like to see a tool that can handle private keys on a secure platform and create transactions as neutral, simple, open-source software. The wallet software issued by the project is likely the only option to you and it requires you trusting the software quality process of the altcoin fork project. There is very little guarantee that the project won't publish software to steal your private keys in order to steal additional value on it.

At a minimum we recommend using platforms such as TAILS and Ubuntu for handling your private keys. Also, make sure the primary altcoin currency is moved off the private keys and stored safely on different private keys before attempting to access the fork value.

Assuming you take the necessary precautions using the software wallet from the project can be reasonably safe. However, if your key is leaked to a 3rd party, this forfeits ownership of future airdrops and promotions and types of value that has yet to be invented yet.

Selling Altcoin Forks

Like with the Bitcoin forks we track, we keep track of the exchanges that trade altcoin forks that we are aware of. They can be found in our directory. In most circumstances, using one of these exchanges is your best option. Also, if you wish to sell without KYC, that is an attribute we track with every exchange and is a differentiating factor for selection.

The only other possible option for selling at the moment is to find an OTC broker. Some with good reputations exist, but this still requires a degree of trust, as is the case with any exchange.